The path to feat of arms – how people achieve great feats on the battlefield

A feat of arms is an act of courage, bravery and self-sacrifice when a person stands up to defend his country, people or idea. He is especially revered in history, military chronicles and the culture of different nations. But how does an ordinary person become a hero who performs feats on the battlefield? This is … Читать далее

Positive traits of my generation that I like

My generation grew up in an era of information technology and advancements, where access to knowledge and communications has become much easier and faster. We are accustomed to the fact that any information can be found on the Internet in just a few clicks, and communication with other people is always at hand – along … Читать далее

Possible alternative titles or subtitles for literary works of Russian classics, similar to “Fathers and Sons”

Fathers and Sons is a famous novel by Ivan Turgenev, which has become a true classic of Russian literature. It shows the social and cultural contradictions in Russia in the mid-19th century through the relationships of the main character, Yevgeny Bazarov, with his parents and other representatives of the older generation. However, if we think … Читать далее

The source of moral development of a society is its basic values

The statement made by Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky that society is formed and developed by moral principles gives us food for thought about what actually creates and determines the character of society. Let’s imagine our society as a huge mechanism, where the beginnings are the values, principles and norms of behavior of each individual. Moral principles, … Читать далее

The meaning of A.T.’s words Tvardovsky – names and dates, the embodiment of immortal ideas

Words by A.T. Tvardovsky, a wonderful Russian writer and poet, fascinates with his depth and penetration. They open up to us a world of significant names and important events that exist outside of time. Each name and each date, according to Tvardovsky, has eternity and is full of greatness. This enigmatic statement awakens our interest … Читать далее

Tips for preventing conflicts between fathers and their children

Raising a child is one of the most difficult tasks for parents. The relationship between fathers and children plays an important role in the life of every child. However, sometimes conflict may arise in this relationship. Often conflicts arise due to misunderstandings and disagreements in parenting methods. How to avoid such situations and create harmonious … Читать далее

The consequences of social conflicts are influence and fruitfulness.

Social conflicts are an integral part of the life of any society. Sometimes they arise due to differences in opinions, values ​​and interests. But what happens when these conflicts go beyond ordinary disputes and become serious social problems? The first thing that societies experiencing social conflicts face is a decline in social stability. The conflicting … Читать далее

Position “Absence of authorities – how does such a philosophy of life affect my life?”

Some people find their inspiration and motivation in authoritative figures – scientists, leaders, artists, athletes. Their achievements, knowledge and wisdom inspire and give confidence. However, there are those who have this attitude in life: “for me there are no authorities.” It is important for them to listen only to their inner voice and strive for … Читать далее

The development of moral qualities in an era of change – key aspects and manifestations.

In an era of change, a person’s moral qualities play a particularly important role. The world is changing at tremendous speed, and only those who know how to be morally strong and honest are able to not lose their goal and survive in such turbulent times. Morality becomes an integral part of personality and a … Читать далее

Stories of true fidelity are about how people keep their vows.

In the history of mankind we come across many examples of true loyalty and devotion. They show that some people are capable of going to great lengths for the sake of high ideals, maintaining their principles and not deviating from them even in the most difficult moments. One such example of true fidelity is the … Читать далее