The benefits and dangers of conflict – advantages and risks.

Conflicts, as an inevitable part of life, surround us everywhere. Conflicts are believed to be a source of negative emotions and tension. However, at the same time, they can have positive aspects and play an important role in our lives. In this article we will look at both the benefits and dangers of conflict and … Читать далее

How can disagreements between fathers and children be resolved to avoid conflicts?

The relationship between fathers and children is often characterized by some disagreement. Teenagers want more freedom, while fathers want to protect them and make decisions based on their life experiences. However, despite these differences in opinions and preferences, disagreements do not always lead to conflict. In fact, disagreements between fathers and children can be beneficial … Читать далее

Qualities that a person who can lead humanity to progress must have

To become a person capable of moving humanity forward, you must have a number of important qualities. First, such a person must be inspired. He must see the problems and instability of the world around him and feel the strength and desire to change something. This inner flame gives him energy and the urgent need … Читать далее

Why do we need to know the past and how does it help us understand the present and build the future?

Maxim Gorky’s words about the past, present and future weigh especially deeply in our days, when the world is becoming more and more similar, and people are increasingly cut off from their roots. Gorky believed that the past is the key to understanding the present, and, consequently, the future. This stems from his deep belief … Читать далее